Hurrahs! for Abby

Sixteeen year old Abby Sunderland did not quite make it around the world in her sail boat because she lost much of her mast in a storm-swelled seas in the long, wide bit of the Indian Ocean. Many think it was foolish of her attempt the voyage.Others blame her parents for “irresponsibilty”; including a grumpy director of the prestigious St. Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco. But a few, including Jon Carroll of the San Francisco Chronicle, say no nays. Neither do I. I say: Hurrah! for Abby!

I applaud all who take off on adventures. A 16-year old woman – yes, woman, not girl – even thinking of attempting such a voyage cheers me immensely. Her parents should be encouraged to run for political office – perhaps they could instill some adventure and fibre into our State Legislature.

At about Ms. Sunderland’s age I was a-fidgit with wishes to travel and frolic. But the nearest I got to having adventures in my mid-to-late teens was some exciting hitch-hiking jaunts. Well, those, and a few kisses and what not from 16 year old girls -yes, girls, not women. I predict that young men trying to kiss Ms. Sunderland will be in for some surprises – kissing must not seem much like adventure after you have traveled most of the world by your self in a small boat.

I say again: Hurrah! for Abby!. ANd Ms Sunderland: good luck with your next try and adventure!! And, Mr and Mrs Sunderland? – run for office…

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Ed Medley has been on a random walk for over 50 years. Many scribbles and snapshots at this site are from his vagabond transits; others are from his decades of international experience in geological and geotechnical engineering, academia, and mineral exploration prospecting.
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