Random Shots

Random Shooter 4th Street Bridge near Caltain Depot, San Francisco I have no formal training in photography: I am an amateur, occasionally capturing a few lucky snapshots as “random shots“, because at some unplanned time/place/mood conjunction I had a camera and cajoled an attractive image. I have taken many snapshots in the last 40 years but only a few are random shots – and several of them are entombed in shoe boxes and slide carousels. Some of my random shots, including recent exhibitions, are collected at my Shutterfly site.


I have a strong interest in stereo photography (3D pictures) and have taken personal and professional stereo shots for over 20 years. If you are interested, look at some information I provide at my stereo photos web page, and at a PDF of a PowerPoint presentation on stereo photos  for geoengineers, useful for non-technical folk too.

I post most of my photos to my Facebook profile. Click on the pictures below to see some of those albums:

Monster Submissions Oct. 2011

September Geometries Sept. 2011

Lunchshots June 2011

Catalina 2011

Gray!Day! 2011

Rustic 2011

Ikebana 2011

Kauai Pupus 2011


Big Sur 2010

pupus – Honolulu, Hawaii 2009

Grace in the Meadows (LV) 2010

centered 2010

SF Wander to work 2009

Lady Lily – Portland 2009


Work Walk (Some More) 2009

Jahns Jahr 2008-2009

random/melange 2009