Are YOU Ed Medley?

Silly question? Not if you are one of the few Ed Medleys in the world. So the question is intended for Edna Medley, Edgar Medley, Eddlestone Medley and of course, Edmund Medley. I am an Edmund William Medley. There are not too many of those.

Ed Medley and Maggie PG May 2008

My name “Ed Medley“, is shorthand for my whole life, history, defects, hopes, opinions – the lot. Say Ed Medley to my friends and they will share some of their impressions of me with you, just based on hearing my name. No need to tell me what they say about me.

But somewhere, actually everywhere, there are other Ed Medleys. Same name, but the shorthand is for completely different sets of life, defects, history etc. So in logical terms:

Ed Medley .NE. Ed Medley (Ed Medley is not equal to Ed Medley).

I am very interested in meeting other Ed Medleys. Mayhap one day we shall have an International Conference on Ed Medley, where we all go around with badges saying “Hullo. I am Ed Medley”. A Medley of Medleys, milling madly in a muddled melee…

Don’t be shy Ed Medley!! Let me (us) know who and where you are!!