Lost in Migration/Translation

Posted on October 24, 2020 by Ed Medley

A couple of weeks ago, a colleague in Iran suggested gently that my bimrocks.com site needed some overhaul. He had found it useful when starting his research a few years ago but now thinks it should be improved. He is right, I realized abashedly. After far too many years of sloth, it is time to update all three of my sites. Update? More like give the sites a thorough cleaning, retrofit, remodel…

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sitting amidst crowds

I look up at lights solitary

stars accompanied

It has been 4 years       since I wrote anything on the website

here be a haiku written      in 2014 and retrieved    6 years  later

still not too-decayed.

Mayhap I am decaying…

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Festive Friday! (Creative Altruism)

I am taking a 6-week online course: “A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment“. It is actually a happy and fulfilling course. Lots of fun. The third week Assignment is “Creative Altruism” – an exercise in which I (and tens of thousands of other students around the world) do something cost-effective that adds some joy and excitement into the lives of three strangers. I chose to hand make three greeting cards by pasting a snapshot into each card and composing/writing a haiku inspired by each image. Continue reading

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seals (while sculling)

Seal pup and Mom (April 2014 Sculling  - E Medley)



slack drift with the tide
peekaboo seal pups tease me,
silent – but for sploshes


(Corkscrew Slough, Bair Island, Redwood City near low tide, April 29 2014)

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BART morning haiku (lady 2)


corn silk tucked behind
a peeking, gem-studded ear
– my day starts lovely

(April 28 2014, on BART – San Francisco Bay Are Rapid Transit – to Oakland)



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BART morning haikus (lady 1)


rumble whine and screech
my train clatters to Oakland
lulling me to sleep

une jeune fille skips on
gamine, pert – my eyes gambol
and I stay awake

 (April  18 2014. BART is the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit light rail system.)
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N07h1ng 15 51mpl3

I just learned yet again: Nothing is Simple. Or in leetspeak: N07h1ng 15 51mpl3. (Leetspeak is short for “elite speak”: communication where a letters replace numbers or other characters. e.g.: “leet” in leetspeak is 1337).

But “N07h1ng 15 51mpl3” is perhaps more positive than Nothing  is Simple backwards: Simple is Nothing.

OK: time to go back to work.

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A positive (+) look on life this morning:

+1 = 1 year since my last post (50/20) which celebrated two important events – the most important being my 20th wedding anniversary. Continue reading

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50 years ago today John F. Kennedy challenged America to put a man on the moon within a decade. (Yes, I know: a man). And in 1969 it came to be, with a Giant Step for Mankind (Yes, I know. Man again). And the world view was forever changed. 20 years ago today, Julie married me. That was a Giant Step for Womankind; my world changed forever. 20 years later I am still over the Moon with happiness…

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clefts of reflection


romps, adventures, clatter

come as leafly rustles

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