dirth of werds

Julie and I enjoy Scrabble. Except for when the game jams into a corner and one of us has all  consonants and the other all  vowels. Then we  improvise on the rules, partner in our competition.

Today we had a dirth of words but without any guith whatever, we used that little known word vaugeto to score through the wordjam. I found the gem floating in the fluffy, vapid nuages of my imagination, trying to get to my attention. I scored the word, gave the points to Julie and she gave me 5 tiles  at random. I still won.  Or rather: I still wun.

About Ed Medley

Ed Medley has been on a random walk for over 50 years. Many scribbles and snapshots at this site are from his vagabond transits; others are from his decades of international experience in geological and geotechnical engineering, academia, and mineral exploration prospecting.
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