Careering With Job Lurches

An integration of jobs constitutes a career. In my case, the jobs I have had constitute an erratic trajectory; a random walk of lurches.

I started working when I was 12 or so (1960). Since then I have worked at many jobs. I count a job as a period of work when I was paid hourly or weekly or with a salary, not consulting projects. Some jobs came my way by chance; some I found by hunting them, a very few were later lost. In retrospect, I don’t recall any really bad jobs; all have forced me to learn something, even if it was how to perform menial work willingly and cheerfully; and in some still memorable cases, what to learn from being fired/laid off.

Here is a list of my jobs, more for my entertainment than your education:

    ~1960/62 Saturday Grocery bicycle delivery boy; Acton (London) –
    ~1962/64 Saturday bicycle delivery boy/shop clerk; A.J. Smith/Harveys of Bristol Wine Merchants, Acton (London)
    ~1964 Summer – sorting dirty laundry/cabinet rolls/washing machine operator/laundry delivery, Commercial laundry, Acton
    ~1964/65 Saturday Sales Clerk/Substitute Manager, Penguin bookshop, WH Smith, Ealing Broadway
    ~1965 Summer – Bookkeeper at Head Office Fred Mayer Greengrocery stores, North Acton
    ~1965/1966 Saturday Sales clerk on Cheese counter, AJ Sainsbury grocery store, Ealing Broadway
    ~1965/1966 Occasional – silver service waiter at Bar Mitzvahs/weddings (with my mother)
    1966 (a few weeks) – clerk pretending to perform statistics analysis at Cheseborough Ponds, Willesden
    1966-1968 Full time – Trainee systems analyst/time motion observer at Cerebos Foods, Willesden
    1967-1968 (weekends) Special effects technician assistant, Crossword on Two TV show, BBC Studio, White City
    1968/1969 (few months) Full time – warehouse laborer/fork truck operator British American Tobacco, Harrow
    1969 (Feb) Working passenger – pantry boy- MS Lundefjell, Fred Olson Lines, London to Halifax, Nova Scotia
    1969 (March~Oct) Data man/navigator on helicopter geophysics crew, Seigel Associates (Scintrex), Ontario/Manitoba/Saskatchewan
    1970 (May~June) Line cutter/claim staker Ingemar Explorations, Timmins, Ontario
    1970 (June~Oct) Data man on de Havilland Otter geophysics crew for Scintrex, Northwest Territories
    1971 (Jan~Sept) Data man on airborne geophysics crews for Scintrex, Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Labrador
    1971 (Sept~Nov) Crew leader and geophysical operator, EM/Magnetics/VLF surveys for Union Miniere Exploration, Pickle Crow area, Ontario
    1971/72 (Nov~April) Geophysics operator, EM/VLF/Magnetics/Turam, Geosearch Consultants, Ontario, Manitoba, Sask.
    1972 (April~Oct) Geophysics operator, EM/IP/Magnetics surveys, Scintrex, British Columbia
    1972/1973 (Oct~Dec) Prospector assistant/geochem. sampler/geophysics operator, Kaiser Mineral Resources, Tofino, BC
    1973 (June~Sept) Prospector, Texasgulf Minerals, BC
    1973 (Dec-Jan) Warehouseman/geological assistant Texasgulf Minerals, Vancouve, BC
    1974 (June-Sept) Prospector, blaster, McIntyre Porcupine, Stikine Range, northern British Columbia
    1975 (June-Sept) Prospector, McIntyre Porcupine, Ogilvie and Selkirk Ranges, Yukon Territory
    1976 (June-Sept) Geological Assistant, researching Fraser Delta tidal flat sedimentation, Geological Survey Canada (GSC) Vancouver
    1977 (June-Sept) Geological Assistant, mapping and research Fraser Delta tidal flat morphology/hydrodynamics, GSC, Vancouver
    1978-1983 Geotechnical Engineer, Dames & Moore, Vancouver, Alberta, Idaho, Maui, Sydney, Papua New Guinea, Honolulu
    1983-1985 Geotechnical Engineer, PSC Associates, Honolulu
    1986 (~Jan) Warehouseman head office of a British Book shop chain, Camberley, UK
    1986 ~(Feb-March) Geotechnical engineer, Dames & Moore, at Taheri, Iran and Kuwait City
    1986 (~Aug-Nov) Geotechnical engineer, Foundation Engineering, UK
    1987 Part-time tutor, Sylvan Learning Center, Honolulu, Hawaii
    1987-1989 Part-time substitute teacher Math, English and Science at Elementary and High Schools, Honolulu
    1987-1989 Part-time geotechnical engineer, various firms, Honolulu
    1988 (~June-July) Remedial Math Teacher (Algebra), Iolani High School, Honolulu
    1988 (~ Fall) Teacher of GED Math and Science for Senior Citizens, Honolulu
    1989-1990 Field Project Geotechnical Engineer, PSC Associates, South San Francisco, California
    1990 (~March-Aug) Geological Engineer, Upp Geotechnology, San Jose
    1990-1994 Teaching Assistant/Graduate Researcher, Univ. California at Berkeley
    1994-1995 Teaching assignments Cambridge University and Imperial College, London, UK
    1995-2005 Senior Engineer to Principal Engineer Exponent Failure Analysis Associates, Menlo Park, California
    2005-2009 Senior Consultant, Geosyntec Consultants, Oakland, California

About Ed Medley

Ed Medley has been on a random walk for over 50 years. Many scribbles and snapshots at this site are from his vagabond transits; others are from his decades of international experience in geological and geotechnical engineering, academia, and mineral exploration prospecting.
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