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Soul-Soaring (Fract)Elation

A young man in a faraway dominion of my life told me the other day that this website was full of my “self-elations”. Although puzzled at his choice of words, I did not correct him, since I think I knew … Continue reading

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Jahns Jottings/Numerical Analysis

With my Jahns Jahr (October 2008-October 2009) as the Richard H. Jahns Lecturer in Engineering Geology now ended I offer a few Jahns jottings – some statistics and final thoughts. (If you care to ramble through a tangle of more … Continue reading

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I Saved the Last Jahns for Me

On Wednesday, October 21, I presented my last Richard H. Jahns Distinguished Lecture in Engineering Geology to the Geoengineering Group at the University of California at Berkeley.

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Nothing of Any Import

My dear friend Margaret G~ and I chatted this week. She told me “Nothing of any import” was going on in her life. I was touched by those words: something is going on in her life, even if only during … Continue reading

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Jahns Jottings (Mid-Jaunt)

I am now more than mid-way through my year as the 2009 Richard H. Jahns Distinguished Lecturer in Engineering Geology, awarded by the Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists and the Geological Society of America (Engineering Geology Division). I was … Continue reading

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Converting Cubic Centimeters as Life Lurch

One of the largest of my life challenges was converting cubic meters to cubic centimeters. In 1973 I was prospecting in the Stikine Range of northern British Columbia as a blaster and geological assistant. My colleagues were college graduates in … Continue reading

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