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Ho Hum, Another Dirty Day in Paradise

I was based in Hawaii between 1979 and 1989. At the time there was a popular car bumper sticker showing a rainbow and the wacky observation: Ho Hum, Another Shitty Day in Paradise. That bumper phrase cracked me up then, … Continue reading

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Alishan Adventure

The word “adventure” came up often the last few days: a friend wondered why I have so many more adventurous stories than she does; another so much wants adventures she takes leave of her career this week to work for … Continue reading

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Cardboard Hitch Hiker

Hitch hiking was a common way to get around in the UK when I was a teenager, and I was a confident hitch hiker up to my late 30’s. In those 20 years or so, I probably hitch-hiked more than … Continue reading

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Kaukahi Kayaks

When I lived in Hawaii I loved the sea. Not being good at surfing, I took up kayaking in about 1981, when my wife Barbara and I met Ann Fielding, a marine biologist well known in Hawaii for her books … Continue reading

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