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Stories related to my family and friends; some of whom are no longer…

Bicycle Boy – Rediscovering Jill

There was a difference in class between the streets in our neighborhood of Acton, in West London. Our street had a grand name, King Edward’s Gardens, with nice enough houses tightly crammed together, owned largely by middle-class to working-class families. … Continue reading

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Praise – Carl Grau

When I married Julie in 1991 I married her family, too: sister Ann, nieces Kim and Laura, father Carl, our Dad. Carl and I admired each other; we had a lot in common. I related to his adventures, his wanderlust … Continue reading

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In early 1989 I accepted a short assignment to start up a difficult earthwork project in San Francisco. I am still here: the short job turned out to be a long-term nightmare (but that is another story). And, I was … Continue reading

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Street Traffic: Rag and Bone Men, Grinders and Onion Sellers

We lived on King Edwards Gardens, In Acton. It was a typical West London road, crammed with narrowly separated two storey houses; detached they called them. It was a quiet and decent neighborhood then. It is probably still very nice, … Continue reading

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