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Soul-Soaring (Fract)Elation

A young man in a faraway dominion of my life told me the other day that this website was full of my “self-elations”. Although puzzled at his choice of words, I did not correct him, since I think I knew … Continue reading

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Buccaneering BIM/Geoengineering

Updated November 23 2021  It is with increasing amusement that I peruse the subject lines of emails containing the acronym BIM. Many years ago I coined the acronym bimrocks (block-in-matrix rocks). The bim bit has prompted gleeful scribbles over the … Continue reading

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Ciao Bimba

I think of myself as a bimbo – one who specializes in bimrocks (block-in-matrix rocks). For several years I proudly wore the PhD Graduation T-shirt that Jim Falls, CEG gave me in 1994, emblazoned with his word “bimbeau“, a more elegant … Continue reading

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On First Encountering Melange

My life and career lurched abruptly  in early 1989, when I first encountered a melange.  Melanges are heterogeneous mixtures of strong rock blocks embedded within weak rocks, often sheared shale. Actually: melange is shorthand for “melanges” which like most other rock-types tend to be … Continue reading

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bimrock bimbo

I am a bimbo – I am a fan of bimrocks. Bimrocks are my research and professional passion. I don’t breath heavily over bimrocks, but I do find them challenging and well worth the effort I have expended on them over … Continue reading

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