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scribbles form my past, some of a very long time ago.

Ho Hum, Another Dirty Day in Paradise

I was based in Hawaii between 1979 and 1989. At the time there was a popular car bumper sticker showing a rainbow and the wacky observation: Ho Hum, Another Shitty Day in Paradise. That bumper phrase cracked me up then, … Continue reading

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Joking Around

I admire Foolishness ; I dislike practical jokes. But as a person with pretty flexible boundaries, I have been the butt of jokes and teasing most of my life. Most times I go along with being teased, unless it is … Continue reading

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Last Carrot

I once loved a girl who loved a horse. Pasha, an Arabian, had travelled from California to Alberta to Hawaii with Cheri. She and Pasha were an item before me, during two husbands and sundry other men. Cheri and Pasha … Continue reading

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Schoolgirl Sirens

I was a teacher for short, busy bits of my life in Hawaii; a sort of Have Chalk, Will Travel mercenary. I taught English, Math, and Science as a contract/substitute teacher for all sizes of students: K thru Seniors – … Continue reading

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Ed and Ikaika’s 5 Minute Writing Spree

In 1988 I was teaching and tutoring, while also picking up the odd engineering consulting jobs and helping men die. One of my students was Ikaika, a boy who had difficulty writing. In my diary for March 11 1988, I … Continue reading

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Pasha, your funny little guy conjuring mane braids; curious and peeking. hide-and-seeking; and impishly leading the Other Man on a chase.

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Envying (Unwanted) Stretching Boy

Some 25 years ago I was very keen on yoga. I was partial to Iyengar yoga, which features asanas, or poses, requiring strength, stamina and discipline, particularly in the standing asanas. But I was that sort of guy in those … Continue reading

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Tung Fuk, Wankers, and Fucking

Before you get huffy and shocked with what you deem my coarse language, calm yourself. Tung Fuk, Wankers Corner and Fucking are the names of communities I have visited in my travels.

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Alishan Adventure

The word “adventure” came up often the last few days: a friend wondered why I have so many more adventurous stories than she does; another so much wants adventures she takes leave of her career this week to work for … Continue reading

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Hard Hats (1982)

Hard hats are often awkward, sometimes inconvenient and occasionally dangerous. Nowadays hard hats are compulsory in construction. But in 1982 they were less common, especially when working in the jungle. They probably have rarely been useful as a means of … Continue reading

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