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N07h1ng 15 51mpl3

I just learned yet again: Nothing is Simple. Or in leetspeak: N07h1ng 15 51mpl3. (Leetspeak is short for “elite speak”: communication where a letters replace numbers or other characters. e.g.: “leet” in leetspeak is 1337). But “N07h1ng 15 51mpl3” is perhaps … Continue reading

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A positive (+) look on life this morning: +1 = 1 year since my last post (50/20) which celebrated two important events – the most important being my 20th wedding anniversary.

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50 years ago today John F. Kennedy challenged America to put a man on the moon within a decade. (Yes, I know: a man). And in 1969 it came to be, with a Giant Step for Mankind (Yes, I know. … Continue reading

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oozing hillsides

Today’s San Francisco Chronicle newspaper had a story on hillside failures in the San Francisco Bay town of Hercules: “Oozing Hillside Imperils Home“.  “Oozing hillside” is a poetic way to describe “landslide”. Even more poetic is the explanation given by the … Continue reading

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Motley View: Engineering Geology as a Vital Phase in the GeoSpectrum

I have written and lectured often on the GeoSpectrum of professionals, spanning Engineering through Geology. Recently, I wrote an invited Editor’s Commentary (Engineering Geology- A Vital Phase of GeoEngineering) for the March/April 2009 Engineering Geology edition of the Geo-Strata magazine of the Geo-Institute of the … Continue reading

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Bugle Boy, Bugling Badly

At last a story to break the drought… I have moved to a new office -there is a story to tell there, too – on 13th Street in Oakland, opposite the Oakland Tribune building. At street level is a wonderful … Continue reading

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Senior Moment

I had my first official Senior Moment today. I went by train to Davis, California to see an old friend at the university there. Buying the tickets at a kiosk I had the choice of Adult, Child or Senior tickets. I am … Continue reading

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Hit Upon

My site has been reporting visitor counts and statistics for 4 years. To date here have been almost 19,000 page hits, 10,400 Unique Visitors, and 1,080 Returning Visitors from all over the world.  Some people linger for hours on … Continue reading

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Tea Break (Gimme Some Lovin’)

Yesterday afternoon we drove 90 miles to a surprise party Brunch for a friend’s 65th Birthday. Despite it being well over 100 degrees in Modesto, we old folk boogied and danced the early hours of the afternoon. (Most of us don’t do … Continue reading

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Free Balloon

Many years ago, we were walking along a miserable stretch of the Pennine Way.  Once a cobbled Roman road it had become a rutted farm track; bounded by low, gray, wet rock walls. Clag was down to the ground – so some would say … Continue reading

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