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N.T.U.A, N.T.U.A….

Between March 20 and March 31 2010, I was  a guest on a 12-day European Grand GeoOdyssey: Engineering Geology in Engineering Works in Greece-Italy-France-Switzerland with Emphasis on Case Histories of Great Failures. The trip leader was Prof. Paul Marinos, guiding … Continue reading

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Hard Hats (1982)

Hard hats are often awkward, sometimes inconvenient and occasionally dangerous. Nowadays hard hats are compulsory in construction. But in 1982 they were less common, especially when working in the jungle. They probably have rarely been useful as a means of … Continue reading

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Ok Tedi

Ok Tedi (pronounced “Ock Teddy”) is a river (ok) in the Western Provinces of Papua New Guinea (PNG) near the border with Irian Jaya, Indonesia. The river runs through the most remote part of the country. I worked at Ok … Continue reading

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Pennine Way

In 1986 I ambled some 270 miles along the Pennine Way. “Ambled” is a deliberate understatement – the Pennine Way, which wanders the Pennine hills between the Midlands of England and the Borderlands of Scotland, is one of the most … Continue reading

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Snow Jobs

Halifax, Nova Scotia was enveloped in a blizzard when I disembarked from the M/S Lundefjell in February 1969. I had rarely seen, felt, played in or hated snow until I emigrated to Canada. They do good snow in Canada

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On First Encountering Melange

My life and career lurched abruptly  in early 1989, when I first encountered a melange.  Melanges are heterogeneous mixtures of strong rock blocks embedded within weak rocks, often sheared shale. Actually: melange is shorthand for “melanges” which like most other rock-types tend to be … Continue reading

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