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oozing hillsides

Today’s San Francisco Chronicle newspaper had a story on hillside failures in the San Francisco Bay town of Hercules: “Oozing Hillside Imperils Home“.  “Oozing hillside” is a poetic way to describe “landslide”. Even more poetic is the explanation given by the … Continue reading

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Jam, honey, bread, syncline

Browsing through the March pages in my 1986 diary, I found a tasty entry. I had just finished a horrible job at Bandar-e-Taheri,  on the Persian Gulf, in Iran. I was there to supervise drilling exploration for a proposed oil … Continue reading

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  blue me, wandering beside blue canal – I  laugh at a hawsered laundry of bicycles: bicycles everywhere;  stacked, leaning, piled, jumbled in scrums yet these two, almost kissing a chaste synapse separating blue and red: red lights, not chaste, yet separated … Continue reading

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“4-6-2!”.”4-4-4!” “Little sod! Bugger off!”. These  expressions  still chuff in my ears 50 or so years after I first heard them, as a  trainspotter. 

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Painted Doors/Painted Ladies

Wallace, in the Silver Valley, in the Coeur d’Alene district of the Idaho Panhandle used to be a very special place for me. Come to think of it, anywhere that blends heart and panhandle and silver should be special and … Continue reading

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    in winter’s wet lee beauty piques as maiden’s glee: – surprise! birthday cake     On a stormy, wet winter Saturday – two days before Spring starts – we went to an Ikebana Show in San Francisco. I got lost … Continue reading

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