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Form 1D

I heard a jolting, funny answering machine message today. Do listen to it. It was prepared by frustrated schoold teachers at a school in Australia. I have a lot of admiration for school teachers – I was a part-time teacher for … Continue reading

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Random Leaf

random leaf and I histories intersected in  mindful present During quiet time, some may whisper into the ears of dried grass; or listen to the wafted murmers of zephyrs passing by. During quiet time this morning, I shared a few moments … Continue reading

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Traveling with Barbara

Barbara and I courted  in 1972 under painful circumstances – my body was healing from a fall down a mountain. Bone knitting and affection were helped by us being kindred spirits and we became close quickly. She wanted adventure, and I … Continue reading

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Senior Moment

I had my first official Senior Moment today. I went by train to Davis, California to see an old friend at the university there. Buying the tickets at a kiosk I had the choice of Adult, Child or Senior tickets. I am … Continue reading

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Soul-Soaring (Fract)Elation

A young man in a faraway dominion of my life told me the other day that this website was full of my “self-elations”. Although puzzled at his choice of words, I did not correct him, since I think I knew … Continue reading

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Upon Meeting Miss Maggie

Miss Maggie is Maggie Antoinette Suzanne Grau Medley (Gredley); our dog. Maggie is almost 14 now; a puppy disguised as an elderly dog. But nowadays she wears her disguise more and more. Right now she appears very elderly, very asleep, with her … Continue reading

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The Motley View: On Geonudity and Some Benefits of Your GeoEngineering Education

 About the time that this issue of the Motley View will be published [April 2008]  the 2008 class of UC Berkeley GeoEngineers will be finishing the Spring Term, soon to graduate. They will work through the night to complete the CE270L … Continue reading

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Motley View: On the Rewards of Being Fired and Other Career Road Blocks

Some road blocks will stall your career for a while… (Kipahulu Lava Flow, Hawaii, 1987: E Medley) You are driving along your well-planned career track en route to the next success. You are being considerate of others, following the Rules … Continue reading

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The Motley View: On Seeking Dirty Work and the Value of Shoveling S–T*

*A dirty mind would read this as SILT    I started work in 1959, delivering groceries by bike in West London. By the time I left my teens, I had worked part-time as a sales clerk in grocery, food and book … Continue reading

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Motley Views

I used to write The Motley View, a column of occasional pieces for the Newsletter of the now dormant Berkeley Geoengineering Alumni Association (BGAA) hosted by the GeoEngineer website. Why Motley View? I wrote the first article, so I named the … Continue reading

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