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The Ink Dark Moon – Review

I was browsing through my LinkedIn profile to update details and noted that I am months behind on reviews of books I have read. I will post some old and new reviews on this site under the category Book Babbles… The Ink … Continue reading

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Tea Break (Gimme Some Lovin’)

Yesterday afternoon we drove 90 miles to a surprise party Brunch for a friend’s 65th Birthday. Despite it being well over 100 degrees in Modesto, we old folk boogied and danced the early hours of the afternoon. (Most of us don’t do … Continue reading

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Free Balloon

Many years ago, we were walking along a miserable stretch of the Pennine Way.  Once a cobbled Roman road it had become a rutted farm track; bounded by low, gray, wet rock walls. Clag was down to the ground – so some would say … Continue reading

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love’s antipodes/ – an indifferent terrain-/ offers sole refuge   better to tune in/ present; turned-toward,  hearts open/ aligned in syzygy

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Good Soil, Bad Dirt

In 1978 and 1979 I worked at the Syncrude oil sands mine at Fort McMurray,  Alberta. I was part of a Dames & Moore team mapping the characteristics of the overburden, the non- or poorly-bituminous near-surface soils above the economic … Continue reading

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Abolish Geology?

California is the birthplace of much that is odd. Hurrah!! But recently, the State Legislature abolished the California State Board for Geologists and Geophysicists and tacked the rump onto the State Board for Professional Engineers and Licensed Surveyors.

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Dear Joan, Devil’s Club and Jello

“If I fall into that lot I’ll get badly hurt”, I warned myself, as I came to and looked down from the top of the cliff into the tangle of evil Devil’s Club lurking pointedly below.  

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radio, silence

A time there was, 40 years ago, when two-way radio was the only way to communicate in remote places.   Life in mineral and geotechnical exploration bush camps – fancy with wood floors/canned oysters for snacks/carpentered loos; or more commonly: … Continue reading

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Fine Linens

In 1994-1995 Julie and I lived in London. It was newish to her; oldish to me since I had lived there between 1953 and 1969. I had accepted the invitation to be an Academic Visitor at the Royal School of Mines, Imperial College, University of London.  No … Continue reading

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goblin juices

A friend called me about two weeks ago, giddy with the excitement of a crazy new romance. She was excitedly flushed with urgent juices. She is a creative, literate woman; and in her bright-eyed joy was reading poetry again, and loving Christina Rossetti’s 1859 … Continue reading

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