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Ed and Ikaika’s 5 Minute Writing Spree

In 1988 I was teaching and tutoring, while also picking up the odd engineering consulting jobs and helping men die. One of my students was Ikaika, a boy who had difficulty writing. In my diary for March 11 1988, I … Continue reading

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window lines frame white light floods your silence while talking to God you touched my love making a trinity of sorts [At Hui Aloha Church, Kaupo, Maui] Honolulu July 26 1987

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Pasha, your funny little guy conjuring mane braids; curious and peeking. hide-and-seeking; and impishly leading the Other Man on a chase.

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Envying (Unwanted) Stretching Boy

Some 25 years ago I was very keen on yoga. I was partial to Iyengar yoga, which features asanas, or poses, requiring strength, stamina and discipline, particularly in the standing asanas. But I was that sort of guy in those … Continue reading

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