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Piano Lesson

I have visited Venice often – most recently this year. The city is a magic place for exploring, hunting glimpses of the city behind the tourist facade. I find treasure in golden moments of early morning sunlight and shadow, glimpses … Continue reading

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Cardboard Hitch Hiker

Hitch hiking was a common way to get around in the UK when I was a teenager, and I was a confident hitch hiker up to my late 30’s. In those 20 years or so, I probably hitch-hiked more than … Continue reading

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Best Employers Should Have Best Restrooms

Being now unemployed I have started to pay attention again to the Want Ads and the like. Browsing the web, I read an odd web article recently that caught my attention Most Common Ways to Strike Out During an Interview.

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Excellence is Not Convenient

I had a recent project which demanded some very long hours from myself and a younger colleague. I had to cancel a long-planned holiday weekend to meet the deadline, one that had already been pushed back a few times. The … Continue reading

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Showing My Face

I signed up for Facebook. I have avoided Facebook for a long time. I am a LinkedIn kind of guy – happy with a large professional network. I have been leery of the social networks, which seem foamy. But on … Continue reading

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