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Abrams stereoscope (photo E Medley 2009)

Abrams stereoscope (photo E Medley 2009)

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  1. Vincent Day says:


    I’d like to have your Abrams stereoscope…….while I’m guessing the answer is : NO !!! I’ll just say that it is very difficult to purchase these little gems anymore (I’ve tried others, they just won’t do); apparently Abrams started selling tons of them to the US Army after the invasion of Iraq and stopped selling them to retailers….I can’t even get them to answer the phone in Lansing, MI.

    If you happen to know where someone might have an extra one hanging around somewhere, please let me know. I do a lot of groundwater prospecting and a large portion of it involves studying stereo aerial pairs. Again, these are great little stereoscopes.

    I have enjoyed reading about your life, etc. thanks.



  2. Ed Medley says:

    Vincent: Yes – lucky me. I have more than one stereoscope, so lucky me several times over. I suggest you lurk on eBay. That is how i bought all mine. BTW: if you into stereo photos look at what you can achieve yourself with a simple digital camera: http://www.geoengineer.org/stereophotos.html . I wrote that page and created the PDF lectures that go with it.

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