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In early 1989 I accepted a short assignment to start up a difficult earthwork project in San Francisco. I am still here: the short job turned out to be a long-term nightmare (but that is another story). And, I was … Continue reading

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Sek, Snakes, and Smiling, Said Succeed

I met Succeed Gnermp~ (there is much more to his surname) in June 1985 while wandering through Bangkok.¬†Succeed had seen me talking into my tape recorder¬†and asked me if I would tape from an English text book so that his … Continue reading

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Fake Swedish and Fez Facial Failure

In 1973, my girlfriend Barbara and I stayed a while in Fez, Morocco. While there we met Dave, an Australian linguist studying Swedish literature in Switzerland. While backpacking the ability to switch languages at will is a talent, better by … Continue reading

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